NMR Experiments and Sequences
Diffusion Measurements

PFG: Pulsed Field Gradient
STE: Stimulated Echo
BPP: Bipolar Pulse Pair
LED: Longitudinal Eddy Current Delay
CC: Convection Correction
g: gyromagnetic constant, (26752 for H)
D: diffusion rate (m2/s)
D for H2O=18.8x10-10 m2/s at 25C

NMR Experiment Bruker Sequences
1H diffusion 1D
Wu (1995) JMRA 115, 260
Jerschow (1997) JMR 125, 372
Chou (2004) JBNMR 29, 299
Acquires pseudo-2D; F2(1H) - F1QF(diff list)
d20: diffusion delay < 0.2s
gpz6*diff: gradient strength, 0 - 100 % (use <95%)
p30: gradient pulse duration
xau dosy to set up DOSY
Files related;
lists/gp/user/Difframp ( %)
lists/gp/SINE.100 (IntegF)
conf/instr/gradient_calib (G/mm)
expno/difflist (G/cm) = Difframp * IntegF * gradient_calib *10
1H diffusion-15N-HSQC
1H diffusion-13C-HSQC
Acquires pseudo-3D; F3(1H) - F2(13C)- F1QF(diff list)
Bruker compatible; d20, p30, gpz6*diff