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Can We Talk Chemistry? on Fridays (TBD)


Research Talk Every Thursday at 11:00 am in room 136

(20 min. introduction + 25 min. new results + 15 min. discussion)


Research Talk Schedule


"We study molecular structure and reactivity. Our goal is to bring new reactions into the arena of synthetic organic chemistry and to develop superior synthetic strategies. For each reaction a mechanistic framework is established. The transformation is then developed into a preparative method and applied to specific targets, such as to the synthesis of molecules that pose practical or academic problems of structural complexity."


"Research in our lab spans organic chemistry and includes the computational and experimental evaluation of reaction mechanism, reactive intermediates, and stereochemistry, the development and application of new and poorly understood reactions, and the integration of knowledge of molecular structure and reactivity into new synthetic strategies for motif building and total synthesis."


"Our strategy is to develop a short chemical synthesis to a molecule-type that contains functionality that can be called upon to react along disparate pathways. Such a strategy integrates the routes to multiple targets and thereby allows efficient access - especially in terms of step economy - to large, varied sets of bioactive compounds, including natural products and molecularly edited congeners."